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Federfin Tech offers a vast range of safety caps.
Design and production of high quality security caps.

Federfin Tech works in close contact with its customers to manufacture anti-counterfeiting security caps. Safety caps are indeed an effective tool in protecting the authenticity of alcoholic and super-alcoholic beverages so as to counter the marketing of non-original products.

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Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Customised safety caps
Attention to details and quality

Federfin Tech, with HQ in Tromello in the province of Pavia, has modern, cutting-edge machinery for producing safety caps in aluminium that are fully customisable.

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The characteristics of safety caps produced by Fedefin Tech

Federfin Tech offers two models of safety caps:

  • FED 4001 diametro mm. 32 x 46
  • FED 5001 diametro mm. 32 x 58

The caps have various safety options such as:

  • Dual sphere
  • Dual valve plus sphere
  • Valve plus two spheres
  • Dual lip

The characteristics of these devices are:

  • Inviolable hermetic closing
  • Very rapid emptying time
  • Customisable decorations
  • Impossible to remove except by breaking the device
  • Easy to apply using pressure to the head alone
  • Usable on existing machines

Caps for wine

Quality and attention to detail and security
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Caps for sparkling wine

Safe, hermetically sealing, recyclable, fully customisable
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Caps for oil and vinegar

Innovative, safe, customisable and recyclable
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Caps for liqueurs

Research and quality for perfect preserving
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