capsule per bottiglie

Fedefin Tech carries out special processes for decorating and customising all caps in aluminium.

Federfin Tech customises all its products so as to provide caps in aluminium to the customer that are effective and compeletely meet requirements by using modern, high performance machines for various types of printing.

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Caps for wine

Quality and attention to detail and security
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Caps for sparkling wine

Safe, hermetically sealing, recyclable, fully customisable
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Caps for oil and vinegar

Innovative, safe, customisable and recyclable
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Caps for liqueurs

Research and quality for perfect preserving
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Safety caps

Customised inviolable hermetic closures for alcoholic beverages
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Capping heads

Designed and manufactured for perfect fitting
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Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Pad-printing, Hot Foil & Embossing, Spray Colour, Ink Jet.
Spray and other printing techniques

Federfin Tech, with HQ in Tromello in the province of Pavia has modern, cutting-edge printing plant for customising its products following the indications provided by the customer.

Among the printing techniques offered for customising the Hot-Foil process stands out and is applied bot to the top of the cap and its side. This type of printing gives shininess and brightness to the whole cap.

Another technique is Embossing, or relief printing, which allows relief finishing of the upper part of the cap.
Embossing can be finished by pad printing of the hot printing according to the needs expressed by the customer.

Spray Colour

Spray colour is a new, vat range of traditional and trendy metallic colours offered by Federfin Tech. The raw caps are spray coloured through cutting-edge technology.

Ink Jet

Federfin Tech has invested is the manufacture of a special machine that prints the bottling record, a code required by the Italian market also for cellars that need to close small numbers of bottles.

This new technology allows printing in black on standard colours such as red, gold, blue, green, Bordeaux red, yellow, anthracite, silver and many other colours.

For this type of product Federfin Tech takes orders over 10,000 caps with delivery at six weeks from order.

Other customising techniques

Among the other processes carried out by Federfin Tech are:

  • Lithographic printing
  • Silk-screen printing
  • Offset printing
  • Pad printing
  • Spray painting

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