capsule per vino

Ferderfin, with its HQ in Tromello in the province of Pavia is a firm producing screw fitting caps in aluminium for wine, alcoholic beverage, vinegar and oil bottles.

Federfin Tech is a firm with a lean and flexible structure that is innovative and technologically advanced, and has know-how that allows it to meet customer requirements for customising completely so as to create lasting relationships of collaboration.

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Caps for wine

Quality and attention to detail and security
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Caps for sparkling wine

Safe, hermetically sealing, recyclable, fully customisable
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Caps for oil and vinegar

Innovative, safe, customisable and recyclable
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Caps for liqueurs

Research and quality for perfect preserving
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Safety caps

Customised inviolable hermetic closures for alcoholic beverages
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Capping heads

Designed and manufactured for perfect fitting
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Federfin Tech is committed to protecting industrial environments and ecology through rigorous quality control and careful selection of materials.

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Corporate mission

Customer satisfaction is the mission of Federfin Tech, which for more than 30 years has met the needs of its customers with high quality products.
The global commitment of the firm focuses on the attention given to customer value so as to offer products that are new, modern and aligned with the requirements of the closures sector
Federfin Tech exports throughout the world via a close-knit network of sales offices located in France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Mexico and the United States. Thanks, too, to this grass-roots presence Federfin Tech is available to its customers at all times.
The attention given to the customer becomes a complete service ensuring:

  • Rapid response to requests made
  • Flexibility in production processes
  • Adaptability to changes in a sector that is developing continuously
  • Dynamic performance

Cutting edge machinery

Federfin Tech plant is updated continuously with modern, high performance machines that ensure quality and punctuality in delivery to every customer.

Production process efficiency is one of the fundamental criteria by which plant is selected and utilised.
In the factory in Tromello in the province of Pavia, there are:

  • 3 viewing systems
  • 96 end-of-line items of equipment and press moulds
  • 9 offset printing lines
  • Three silk-screen printing lines
  • 4 pad printing and hot transfer lines

Federfin Tech pays special attention to putting human resources to good use and involving them in developing new products and techniques for optimising the entire production process.

Environmental recycling and sustainability

Federfin Tech is a firm that is modern and innovative, attentive to the environment and healthiness of its workspaces.
It is for this reason that recent low pollution machinery which meets harmful emissions standards set by the European Community is used.
Additionally, Federfin produces in caps in aluminium certified as 100% recyclable so as to allow disposal in sorted collection after use.

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